I Ran 20 Miles So You Don’t Have To


By now, you know that I’ve been dreading the 20-mile run since I started training.  I mean, 20 miles?  Who thinks that’s a good idea? Not me. But, if I’m going to run 26.2 in less than a month, I had to face it head-on.  And last Saturday was the day.  Join me as I take you on the journey that is the 20-miler…

Friday afternoon: Tomorrow is my first 20-miler!  I’m gonna run harder and faster than ever before! *jazz hands*

Night before: Set alarm for 4am Saturday morning, single tear runs down my cheek.

Morning of, 4am: Alarm goes off, stumble out of bed and sleep walk through coffee, peanut butter toast, and a 20-minute drive.

5:15am: Meet with my running group – this is the early start time for us slow pokes. Glad to see everyone because I’ve missed the last few, but not ready to be charming and witty just yet.

Mile 1: How is it possible that the first mile sucks just as hard as when I first started running?

Miles 6: It’s kind of cool running in the dark, just hangin’ with my running friends.  I’m feeling pretty okay.

Mile 8:  Take a short break to meet up with rest of running group for the regular start time.

Mile 9: How is it possible that the first mile – after already running 8 – sucks just as hard as when I first started running?

Mile 15: I’m tired. Knowing there’s a nap waiting for me after this sure helps. So does having someone to run with.  Thank goodness for other crazy people.

Mile 16: *swish, swish, swish*  Hmm, that’s interesting. I guess my running shorts didn’t fully rinse in the washer because my thighs are creating frothy crotch bubbles.

Mile 17: *swish, swish, swish*  You know, if I poop my pants during this run, it will be self-cleaning. *patent pending*

Mile 18.1: This is the furthest I’ve ever run! Maybe the furthest that anyone has ever run! I am a superhero!

Mile 18.4: This sucks. Do I even like running? I don’t think I do.

Mile 19: I think my toe fell off a few miles ago. My foot hurts like a son of a gun. *limping*  I’ve been so worried about losing a toenail, I never considered I might lose a toe. *still have the toe, it’s just a blister*

Mile 20: I did it!!! I ran 20 miles!!! I made it!!! Wait…what!? We’re still a mile away from the finish?  Crap.  I’m walking it.

Mile 21: Walks it. *still counts*

Back at home: Epsom bath, nap #1, sandwich, nap #2

Later that afternoon: Literally did nothing but laid in bed with the dog.  Didn’t get up until my husband brought dinner home.

A few days after this long run, I caught a cold.  I’ve gotten sick more than usual since I started training. It’s almost as if my body is rejecting the idea of running for hours and hours and hours.  Who can blame it?   I’ve invested in some Emergen-C in hopes of staying healthy until the race.

This coming Saturday is my last 20-miler, then I start tapering (running less so my legs are fresh for the race, though tapering still includes way more miles than I was running before I got myself into this).

This is the home stretch, folks.  Stay tuned…



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