Breaking Records and Taking Names


Since training began six weeks ago, I’ve injured myself twice, gone through 25+ pounds of Epsom salt, had chafing in unmentionable places, and seem to be growing a bunion on my bunion. 

But then there are days like Saturday.

My plan was to run 16 miles though I was a bit nervous.  My longest run ever was 13.1 miles (the half marathon distance) and adding 3 miles to it seemed like a tall order.  I had two longer runs scheduled in previous weeks – both 14-milers – but fell short on one because of excessive heat and missed the other because of one of my self-inflicted injuries.

Saturday was different, though.  The weather was perfect.  My latest injury had healed and I’d had several good runs earlier in the week.  Some others in my running group had long distance goals too so there would be people to run with the whole way.  When all was said and done, I had run a whopping 18 miles!*

It was a record-setting day.  I set personal bests for:

During the run

  • Longest distance (18 miles)
  • Longest time running (4 hours 17 minutes)
  • Earliest I’ve ever started a run (5am)
  • Most chafing (records for quality and quantity)

After the run

  • Fastest human consumption of an Egg McMuffin (<2 bites)
  • Most times “I’m hungry” has been whined in one day by someone over 6 years old
  • Most meals eaten in one day
  • Basically, I ate all the food

Sure, there was one point during the run that I thought I saw an aid station and after leading my group towards it, found that it was just a row of bikes.  Then, near the end of the run, I smelled corn dogs, which I’m pretty sure is a sign of a stroke (or close proximity to a Sonic).  But as tough as this run was, mentally and physically, it’s starting to feel like maybe I actually will be able to run 26.2 miles.  Thank goodness I still have two months to go.

*No running professional would suggest that going from 13.1 miles to 18 miles is a good idea, especially when you are injury prone.  Be smarter than me.

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