(Sorta) Resting on My Laurels

sloth 4

I am officially in between training programs.  Pardon me while I catch my breath.

My half marathon training culminated in the very hilly, very hot Hospital Hill Half Marathon in early June.  I didn’t PR during this race (2:51:30), but I still consider the training a success:  I didn’t feel as dead as usual at the finish line, the structured training program kept me on track, and the Saturday group runs helped me find consistency and, dare I say, enjoyment during those dreaded long runs.  Not to mention I that ran 90 miles total in May, which I’m pretty sure is some kind of world record.

If you’re wondering how last month’s Tampa experiment went, I’d say it was partially successful.  Exercise-wise, I ran a lot in the hot, humid Florida sun and didn’t die.  That’s good.  I also took several yoga classes in my downtime and really enjoyed the peace and quiet, the stretching, and the opportunity to move my body in a different way.  The eating part didn’t go quite as well.  I stuck with the healthy meal delivery but the small portions + burning lots of calories – stuff to keep me busy = evening snacking.  And wine.

Since my official full marathon training doesn’t start until early July, I’m shifting my focus in the month of June.  I’m still running, but less often and not as far and with no weekly mileage goals.  I found a fitness studio nearby and am taking classes several times a week.  So far, I’ve taken a yoga class that included a tribal dance element (and yes, I looked as graceful as you would expect) as well as a cardio class where you use drumsticks to pound on the floor as a distraction from the full hour of constant squats and lunges.

For the food part, a come-to-Jesus with my amazing personal trainer helped me finally accept the fact that I cannot eat whatever I want just because I run. The scale going up after an almost 100-mile month (yes, I’m rounding up) also solidified that fact.  After talking it through, it was clear that I was trying to eat too healthy during the day which led me to feeling starving in the afternoon and eating with complete abandon at night.  He suggested that I focus on eating more food, and the right food, during the day and gave me some macros (i.e., protein, carbs, fat) guidelines to follow.

That was one week ago and I’m already a few pounds down and, I have to say, feeling pretty darn good.  Cooking 20 times a day isn’t my favorite and I do miss eating with abandon, but I’m feeling energetic and encouraged by the results.

Now, if I can just keep this up for the rest of my life…

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