Over the Hill


Hill runs are the worst. Combine the steep inclines with whipping Kansas winds, my slow pace, and an imperfect center of gravity and I might as well be running in place.  So why in the world did I just sign up for a half marathon called “Hospital Hill?”   Continue reading “Over the Hill”

cropped-001_gig_122_marathon_aaa_002_h-1.jpgThere’s a great cookbook designed specifically for runners called “Run Fast. Eat Slow.”  That is such good advice…for someone who can run fast.  Or eat slow.  I am neither.

Regardless of my slow pace and penchant for eating with gusto, I have done the unthinkable and signed up for my first marathon.  The average pace of the Kansas City Marathon on October 21, 2017 is about to get a lot slower.  And sweatier.  And much, much whinier.

This blog is an account of my journey from non-marathoner to marathoner.  Join me while I eat fast and run slow.